Surprise: These vanilla cupcakes have a secret filling of blue raspberry or pink lemonade.  Each cupcake is topped with whipped cream cheese frosting. Cut them open to see if it is a boy or a girl.

Sunshine: A soft vanilla cake infused with lemon curd and covered with a cloud of coconut. Then topped with lemon slices and a mint leave.

Apple Pie: A soft & fluffy cinnamon infused cupcake with a surprise apple pie filling in the center! Then topped off with a whipped topping and glazed with our very own cinnamon syrup.

Suicide: You will be taking your life in your hands eating this one. Like jumping off a cliff.  Delicate chocolate cake infused with chocolate and covered in whipped chocolate frosting. We then add almonds and chocolate chips and top with hot fudge. Lastly, for good measure, we top it with a chunk of Hershey bar. Death by chocolate never seemed so tame.

Mudslide: These cupcakes are the perfect treat for any coffee or chocolate lover! Soft and light cake with a luscious, rich, chocolate-y buttercream frosting. Now you can have your cupcake and cocktail in one bite!

Love You: This moist red velvet cake embraces the infused strawberry filling and powdered sugar heart-shaped top served with a white chocolate covered strawberry.  What better way to say “I love you”?

Hangover: The perfect remedy for a hangover–Guinness-Gingerbread Cupcakes! The main ingredient is Guinness; which they say to cure a hangover you need to drink a little more the next day.

Wasted: Chocolate cola cupcakes filled with a whiskey chocolate ganache and topped with whiskey buttercream frosting.  A delicious homemade cake that makes you tipsy just looking at its moist and creamy decadence.

Drunk: These are perfect cupcakes for a 21st birthday party, or any birthday party, or no party at all, just bring someone you like a treat.  It’s like the cocktail you can’t have because you’re still at work!

Kiss Me: Chocolate cupcakes infused with cherry jubilee and a chocolate kiss than topped with vanilla frosting and a chocolate dipped cherry. As sweet as love's first kiss, our chocolate and cherry cupcake is special. One bite and you'll fall in love, all with a cherry on top!

Luscious: Why just dip a strawberry in chocolate when you can dip the entire chocolate cupcake instead? Devil’s food cake infused with an entire strawberry, then covered with strawberry buttercream and then dipped in milk chocolate. All finished with a beautiful strawberry on top.

 Minimum of six cupcakes. Mixed flavors is an additional cost. 24/48 hour advance notice required.